Hybrid Journey Part 2

Once the 7 string electric was built and I adjusted my playing style, I realized it would be great to have an acoustic guitar that would facilitate the new style. I tried to put bass strings on my Alvarez but intonation and neck stress was going to be an issue so that was not a long term option.

In May 2017 I had an opportunity to play the Martin Food Truck fest in Nazareth PA. The only requirement was that I play a Martin which at the time I did not own. My good friend John Hetcher offered to let me use his and suggested I have someone add electronics and since he was bringing it in to have a technician retrofit the electronics, maybe they could modify it with bass strings. I was touched by the generosity of this amazing friend. So, once again I went to Bil Mitchell in Reigelsville, PA who was able to pull off the major modification to John's D28 martin.

The Martin is still my go to guitar for solo gigs and sounds best going thru my Mark Bass amp with a NY121 cabinet. In February 2018 I played the Martin at the Sherman Theatre in PA which is still my most memorable show. The sound of the guitar through a large theatre sound system was amazing. For the bass strings, I use DR Neon Green Medium and for the guitar strings I use Martin Bronze Lights. 

to be continued ...

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